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Satisfied Customers
Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our compact discs and us.


(Portree, UK). January 14, 2013.
Just to let you know, I received my CD of Lucia di Lammermoor today. Many thanks for your excellent product, service and delivery.


(Snoqualmie, USA). December 7, 2012.
Just this evening, I had a chance for the first time to listen to this (your set of the Berlin Lucia). I also have the EMI version of this performance, which I have listened to several times, but your version is superior by leaps and bounds! You are performing such an incredible service for civilization and humanity by making these precious live Callas recordings, and this one most particularly, available to the public in such splendid sound - not to mention the accompanying materials, for which I have already expressed my appreciation below. Really, the sound quality of your version is so vivid that I was moved to tears in several spots. I feel as if I have lived to hear your fabulous restoration. Many thanks again! I simply don't know what we Callas addicts would do without you!


(Burbank, USA). November 30, 2012.
I absolutely love it [DVN-12], in particular the Independence Gala performance and all the materials (articles etc.). Fascinating!


(Spain). October 30, 2012.
Ayer bajé la Lucía de Berlín [DVN-19] de vuestra página y quería haceros llegar mis más sinceras felicitaciones. Bien es sabido que estas funciones de Berlín figuran en los anales de la historia de la ópera pero nunca había podido disfrutarlas debido a las deficientes ediciones hasta ahora con sonido distorsionado. Por vez primera he podido apreciar por qué esta Lucia tiene la fama que tiene, el sonido es verdaderamente impresionate. Muchas gracias.


(Seattle, USA). October 30, 2012.
The downloaded booklet alone [DVN-19] would have been worth the price of the set. Your outstanding scholarship and meticulous attention to all aspects of the art of restoring Maria Callas's live legacy are most appreciated, to say the least.

(Olivedale, South Africa). October 18, 2012.
I have already downloaded and printed the superb booklet - what a wealth of riches: the photos, reviews and of course the program are really appreciated.

(Berlin, Germany). October 13, 2012.
I took the plunge and bought the Berlin Lucia (Flac - Download). Well we probably all own a version of this phenomenal performance. I have several and thought to myself, do I really need another one? Well the short answer is, yes!
This Divina version is simply outstanding, hard to believe it is a nearly 60 year old live recording. Being so used to the muffled versions out there, it is like being there and hearing it live and in person. Sound is clear and exciting. Plus some great and fun pictures in the digital booklet. I am really looking forward to future releases.


(Flushing, USA). October 10, 2012.
I am listening to the LUCIA. Your sound is excellent. I have had this performance for forty years, but now it sounds completely new to my ears.


(San Francisco, USA). October 8, 2012.
I just want to write and thank you again. I received and listened to the "Lucia" and it was AMAZING! Wow, I can't believe how good the audio quality is on this! I am really looking forward to the future releases!


(Brazil). October 6, 2012.
The Calla's CDs are exceptional [DVNs 1, 3, 4,5,12 and 16]!!!
I love all records but the sound of Armida and Norma is incredible. The videos, photos, newspaper reviews, libretos, liner notes - the work is impeccable. Callas is very lucky to have you as a fan.


(Berlin, Germany). October 5, 2012.
I just downloaded the Flac version of di Stefano's Mexico concert [DVN-201]. To be honest I was wondering if I should buy it before, since we all know what di Stefano could sound like in 1964 - whilst always touching, not always very kind to the ears. But, I am so glad that I trusted Divina Records and bought it. He had a truly great night and sounds wonderful and not strained as I had expected. A wonderful document of a great tenor.
I cannot help it, but listening to VAINEMENT my eyes dwell up a bit, yes he makes a musical mistake in it - but who cares. There is noone who can touch audiences the way Pippo did, phenomenal phrasing and an extraordinary gift to get emotions across.
Plus the recording has great sound and as usual with Divina a lovingly produced, informative booklet.
For everyone out there, wondering if he should get this "late" di Stefano recording get it immediately, you will not regret it.


(Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom). September 9, 2012.
Armida [DVN-16], Sonnambula [DVN-6] and Masterclasses [DVN-102] have arrived safely. As for the Sonnambula, it is wonderful!!! The Masterclasses will take me some time to work through but I am thrilled to have them. What a wonderful performance Armida, and thank you for giving us a more complete version. Moreover, the quality of your product is, as always, excellent.


(Toronto, Canada). August 29, 2012.
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order [DVNs 19 and 102]; very happy with your work, as always. Can't wait for the next release!

(Tokyo, Japan). August 29, 2012.
I'm glad to know you continue your fruitful activity and the legendary BJR masters have been safely preserved after so many years! This time I purchased your download files of "Anna Bolena" and found as expected your release was the best of all as to the sound quality.

I had long hesitated to purchase it because I own a set of BJR LPs of the production, but an Italian company named SKIRA prompted me to do so with their recent release of "Callas alla Scala."

As you may already know, the company included in this book with a CD the finale excerpts of "Anna Bolena" which I guessed they had stolen from your release, because its sound quality is much better than the corresponding tracks of their own integral version of the opera, even better than the MYTO release.

And my guess was verified after having heard your files. A thief can do good on occasion!

Strangely, to produce their integral version the Italian company seems to have duplicated the EMI release which is the worst of all!

Anyway, I found your release exceeded even BJR LPs, and of course it is surface noise-free! Callas sounds, though, sometimes shrieky (in No. 11 duetto, for example). Her voice is warmer and milder in the BJR LPs.

But this must be due to artificial attenuation of the upper register, I think. The orchetra sounds dull in BJR.

(Murray, USA). August 28, 2012.
The Lucia arrived today. The sound is very good and much better than any version I've ever heard before.

(Albany, New Zealand). August 22, 2012.
I have received my copy of the new Maria Callas Berlin Lucia. Have now played it several times and am particularly impressed with the sound and the performance of Guiseppe di Stefano and Maria Callas. I look forward to your future releases.

(Besançon, France). August 21, 2012.
I've received my order [Berlin Lucia], thank you! What an amazing sound, I didn't know this Callas' performance and I'm very happy to listen to it.


(Riehen, Switzerland). August 21, 2012.
Thanks a lot for the nice Berlin Lucia. I received this weekend and it is already between my favourite recordings.

(Río de Janeiro, Brazil). August 20, 2012.
Once again, you did a splendid job. It's by far the best edition of this recording, with more room, less hiss and much less strident sound. Congratulations! And the booklet is sensational!

I am really looking forward for future releases by Divina Records.

(New York, USA). August 19, 2012.
I downloaded the Lucia (FLAC version) last night and the sound is very, very good -the performance is, of course, exceptional.


(Budapest, Hungary). August 13, 2012.
I am glad to tell you that I received last week the CDs [Berlin Lucia]. The quality is perfect and worthy to Callas' art. I am so glad to have these recordings. Thank you very much!

(Miami Beach, USA). August 8, 2012.
I'm listening to "Lucia" right now. The sound is great. I close my eyes and I'm in Berlin in 1955.


(Rye, USA). August 7, 2012.
I'm very pleased with the audio [Berlin Lucia DVN-19], thank you.


(San Francisco, USA). August 4, 2012.
Ayer recibí el CD del concierto de Pippo en México [DVN-201] y me ha deleitado. Muy emocionante su actuación y muy bueno el sonido. Gracias.


(North Haven, USA). August 1st, 2012.
I just finished listening to the entire new Berlin Lucia and another job well done! The sound is crisper and has more "presence" than the version from EMI in their "Callas Edition" but is not overly bright as has been a problem with other versions of this remarkable performance. As a result, the voices have more presence... and never has the high D that Callas nails at the end of the second act sounded more alive and earth shattering! Furthermore, your version is complete as far as applause is concerned which gives a fine sense of the special occasion... and speaking of completeness the opening measures of the performance are intact compared to the EMI version where they are missing. In addition, the distortion in Act III that seems to have been present in the original tapes has been nicely attenuated and in a manner that does not filter out any musical information or tamper with the upper frequencies.
Regarding the digital booklet, as usual it was informative not only to be able to read contemporary reviews but also to see so many rare photographs of the artists... and that includes some rather "interesting" clothing styles and hairdos from the era! In addition, it was a pleasure to be able to download the FLAC, burn it to CD, and then listen within hours of it being released. Again, many thanks, muchas gracias, e grazie mille!

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). August 1st, 2012.
I've heard the performance (DVN-17, my favorite Norma ever) already and the sound is great! Divina Records provides a work of love! Congratulations! I'm now downloading the new Berlin Lucia. I'm sure it's great too!


(Sacramento, USA). August 1st, 2012.
The download (DVN-19 Lucia) went smoothly and I've been listening to the recording. It's absolutely great. Definitely the most clear and crisp version I have ever heard of this performance. Thank you for releasing these recordings. I look forward to the next release.


(Romford, United Kingdom). August 1st, 2012.
Many thanks for the download of the Berlin Lucia. I did own some of the BJR records but not BJR 133. The quality of the recording is every bit as good as legend would have it. It is now possible to hear even more detail of this great performance and unlike records this quality will remain forever.


(José Luis Luna, Berlin, Germany). April 16, 2012.
Buen trabajo del Sr. don P. Berruti, una grabacion perfecta e inédita [Mexico City Concert], compliment.

(Frederickburg, USA). April 11, 2012.

So many thanks for the Di Stefano rarity! Its a treat!

(Milano, Italia). April 4, 2012.

I've received the concert [Mexico City Concert]...It's fantastic!!! Pippo was in "state of grace"...i cannot believe it!!!...

(Törökbálint, Hungary). March 24, 2012.

I got the ordered CD with Pippo, thank you very much. I listened to it and it is amazing. What an artist. Excellent quality, amazing concert. I hope You will issue some similar items soon.

(Romford, United Kingdom). March 22, 2012.
I'm already listening to the recording [DVN-201 MP3]. Excellent sound and Di Stefano in fine voice.

(Paris, France). March 20, 2012.
I've received the Di Stefano concert this morning (and I'm listenning to it: wonderful!).

(Colorado Springs, USA). March 18, 2012.
The Di Stefano Mexico City CD arrived. Great. Thanks, please keep me informed of all "Divina" releases.

(Thessalonikis, Greece). March 14, 2012.
Everything arrived in perfect condition [DVNs 1, 4 and 16]. Thanks so much for these wonderful CDs, such great tribute and invaluable contribution to La Divina's memory and Art.

(Gatehouse of Fleet, United Kingdom). March 12, 2012.
I am delighted to confirm that my order [DVN-4] arrived today! I am VERY excited - thank you for the wonderful service!

(Hounslow, United Kingdom). March 12, 2012.
The Maria Callas Anna Bolena CD set arrived today. You are to be congratulated on the excellent work that you have done in making so clear a version of this historic recording available.

(South Australia, Australia). February 13, 2012.
Received Anna Bolena today, thanks you. Big improvement on EMI.

(Bucharest, Romania). February 12, 2012.
Congratulations. All items from your catalogue are superlatives, the best. I like very much the Normas, Bolena and Armida. Till I have your CD with Armida I can't listen the whole opera. I thought that is dull, boring, but now I like a lot.
When you will release multimedia CDs I will buy also them.
Thank you very much. I received the parcel on Friday and the whole weekend I listened all CDs.
I wish you best for you and for the very good activity that you do at Divina Records.

(New Castle upon Tyne, UK). February 9, 2012.
I'm delighted to say that my CDs all arrived today - well packed and safe. Thank you! I'm very much looking forward to listening to them. Please keep me informed of any future releases - I shall purchase each and every one!

(Poznán, Poland). February 3, 2012.
Bolena is great! I have just listened to it. Fantastic sound! Also, thank you for fabulous photographs!

(Pabianice, Poland). January 31, 2012.
I wish to inform you that I have just received the CDs I bought from you on January 20 [DVN-17 and DVN-18]. The discs arrived in perfect condition and I am very pleased with its contents. Looking forward to your future releases.

(London, UK). January 28, 2012.
The order arrived. What a wonderful sound. So alive.
These recordings of (the later) Norma [DVN-3] and Anna Bolena capture the living voice so very remarkably and I don't know of any other remastering that does this with the freshness and vitality you have achieved. While the earlier Norma [DVN-3] does not have the recording quality of the later one of course, but still I found the vitality and beauty is there and the living power of the performance shines through. I have yet to list to the Armida - I keep playing the Norma and the Anna Bolena! Something still to look forward to so much!

(West Yorkshire, UK). Janua
ry 24, 2012.
Just a line to let you know that I received the Anna Bolena today.
As I expected, I am amazed at the sound quality (so vividly 'present'), the artistry (naturally!), and the care that was taken in both producing the set and sending it to me. It is truly a Bolena for the ages! And the additional material on the CD offers further hours of enjoyment. Thank you so very much: we Callas aficionados are greatly in your debt.


(Bucharest, Romania). January 24, 2012.
I received yesterday the CD with Anna Bolena. It is marvellous.


(Ontario, Canada). January 23, 2012.
The CDs safely arrived today [DVN-3 and DVN-18]. Thanks very much and keep up with the fantastic work!


(Los Angeles, USA). January 20, 2012.
Hi, I am writing just to let you know that I have received my order yesterday [Armida and Anna Bolena].
The CDs are better than I expected. The quality is really good and the booklets are just amazingly well designed. I am definitely going to order again from Divina Records. Thank you so very much for being so professional and for the great quality of the whole transaction.


Steven Surdèl (The Hague, Netherland). January 20, 2012.
As a BJR-fanatic, I was already stunned by the quality of your first CD's, but now I am stunned once more by this wonderful transformation of your website. Good luck with all the work and cordial greetings from the Netherlands!


(New York, USA). January 18, 2012.
Thanks Mr Berutti, it is one of your best releases [DVN-17 Norma]– can't wait for some new titles!


(New York, USA). January 9, 2012.
Everything arrived on December 31st - and they are ALL wonderful.
Please let me know as soon as those Revised Enhanced cd's (The Last Normas, etc. etc.) will be made available. I plan to but them all.


(West Yorkshire, United Kingdom). December 24, 2011.
Yes the discs arrived last week,they are in fabulous sound, and the documentation is first class,thank you very much,i will order more in the New Year.


(Nijeholtpade, Netherlands). August 3, 2011.
Today I received the first package with Divina 5 (London Farewell Concert), Divina 6 (La Sonnambula) and Divina 18 (Anna Bolena). Unbelievable that it arrived in such a short time.
I am very happy with the cd's, the sound quality and total production are superb.


(Vancouver, Canada). June 4, 2011.
Thank you for sending my order so quickly (it arrived in nine days) and both items (DVN-5 and DVD-1) are great. Thanks for taking so much care in assembling this material with the best available sound quality and in the most complete versions possible. It is particularly wonderful to have this new version of the video of the London concert of November 26, 1973. The version I had was an old VHS copy with terrible picture quality. I have now discarded this one in favour of DVD-1 which is vastly superior. I also own DVN-1 (Unknown Recordings, Vol. 1) and DVN-16 (Armida) and these, of course, are both beautifully produced CDs that I have enjoyed for several years.


(Flushing, USA). May 31, 2011.
Your wonderful CD of ANNA BOLENA has arrived in Flushing. I have spent the evening looking at all of the photos and reading some of the reviews. It's a masterpiece of musical information on one of the greatest nights at the opera.


(Tracy, USA). May 20, 2011.
I'd like to let you know that I've received my order of Anna Bolena and Norma, and am greatly pleased with your excellent recordings, thank you


(Walsall, United Kingdom). April 5, 2011.
Just to say that I have received my order today. Maria Callas, Video Rarities Collection Vol 1, London Farewell Concert 1973. Very quick to arrive and I am really pleased with purchase. Great Service. Many Thanks. Darren


(Seattle, USA). March 14, 2011.
I have received the Anna Bolena CDs yesterday - thank you for publishing this fabulous recording. It is much clearer and has greater presence than any of the other versions of this performance I've heard, and Callas sounds so much better. I also love the new look of the labels, so lovely. The photographs in the booklet are breathtaking, the chiaroscuro aspect surpassing anything I've seen in all of the Callas recordings, EMI and all the others. I look forward to the future treasures Divina Records publishes. May they come soon!


(Murray, USA). February 14, 2011.
I just purchased my first Divina Records opera, Anna Bolena. The sound is great and everything about the CD is outstanding, especially the pictures. I look forward to more releases and hope the Berlin Lucia is one of the first! Scott


(Brescia, Italia). January 25, 2011.
I bought the Julliard lessons' DVD and it's an amazing documet of the Divina's art. I love her so much and her oice always makes me cry: it's a cruel grief she left us so soon.
Thank you for your precious work. I'll be your customer soon. Grazie, Alex.


(Merine, Italia). November 4, 2010.
Ho ricevuto i CD di Anna Bolena e Sonnambula. Complimenti per l'edizione così riuscita e completa.
In particolare Anna Bolena, che oscura completamente l'edizione EMI. Audio perfetto, sembra di essere veramente alla Scala. Continuate così. Attendo con impazienza prossime pubblicazioni. Cordiali saluti.


(Dresden, Germany). October 25, 2010.
Thank you so much for the great Anna Bolena recording! The sound quality is amazingly good!


(Athens, Greece). October 19, 2010.
My order of Anna Bolena - enhanced CD arrived safely today. I must say I have never seen anything like it. The sound of the recording is much clearer, fuller and rounder than any other Callas Anna Bolena recording I have and the accompanying documentation is a masterpiece of completeness. This CD is very obviously a labour of love and a result of meticulous research. For an ardent Callas devotee like me, this is a marvelous gift.


(San Francisco, USA). October 17, 2010.
I have received the copy of Callas' 1957 Anna Bolena that I ordered from you. I've listened to it and the sound is excellent, certainly far superior to the EMI version that I also have.


(Cambridge, USA). October 2, 2010.
I have been listening to all the recordings since they have arrived and their quality is above anything else that I had previously heard on them.  I am particularly impressed with the Bolena (even better than my well worn BJR LPs) and the Scala Norma. The Armida is much better than other transfers I had. I am looking forward to your work with the catalogue you are planning to issue.   
The production values are very good and enjoyed the CD-ROM materials included.  If only EMI were to learn a few lessons from your good work.  Thank you


(Avatoru, Polynésie française). October 1, 2010.
Je vous écris pour m’associer au concert de louanges décernées à votre nouvelle édition d’Anna Bolena.
Non seulement la publication sur support numérique du matériel BJR est en soit un événement majeur pour la discographie de Callas, mais votre travail méticuleux et les documents complémentaires que vous présentez font de ce coffret un objet de collection, qui éclipse totalement la version INDIGNE d’EMI !
Merci. Nous attendons la suite des archives BJR avec une grande impatience…


(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). September 17, 2010.
Today I received the Anna Bolena CDs. The high quality has always been a Divina Records trademark. However, in this issue, you have outdone yourself! The great number of beautiful photos, most of them never seen before, are a treat to all Callas fans. Your devoted work is an example to be followed. Maria Callas would be proud of you. Bravo!


(Madrid, España). September 10, 2010.
¡Muchas gracias Pablo, me llegó esta mañana la Sonnambula de Maria! ¡Qué maravilla de sonido y el video de la estancia en Edimburgo no lo  conocia! Abrazos


(Mouguerre, France). August 28, 2010.
I've received yesterday my order [Anna Bolena]. Everything is OK! Thank you so musch for all! This recording is amazing!


(Mouguerre, France). August 22, 2010.
I've received yesterday my order [Anna Bolena]. This recording is amazing!


(Colorado Springs, USA). August 22, 2010.
Anna Bolena: in short, it is a miracle. I have discarded all other versions which pale by comparison with the Divina Records version.


(Osaka, Japan). August 19, 2010.
I listened entire Bolena CD Today. It is truly a great sound. Which is far better than original BJR LP.


(Madrid, Spain). August 19, 2010.
Ayer terminé de escuchar la Anna Bolena, ¡qué maravilla de sonido, qué fotos! Gracias por esta realización tan perfecta.


(Budapest, Hungary). August 19, 2010.
I am so glad to tell you that I received the CDs yesterday. They are in a perfect condition and their contents are fantastic (the pictures, the quality of the sounds, the look of the CDs,...). I can not describe how glad and thankful I am that you espoused this mission because I have to tell you that the recordings of Divina Records represent the most worthily the outstanding and marvellous art of Callas.
I thank you very much that you made available these amazing materials.


(San Juan, Puerto Rico). August 19, 2010.
Ya escuché la Anna Bolena y está maravillosa... se oye muy bien el sonido en general... cada vez que siento la reacción de la audiencia (aplausos) me hace sentir que estoy allí. Gracias por poner la traducción de los articulos de los diferentes períodicos.


(Olivedale, South Africa). August 19, 2010.
What can I say - BRAVO, BRAVO, Pablo!
Your work on this remastering is just superb, and I have not stopped playing the cds - I close my eyes, and believe I am in Milan on that night in April 1957...
Hope I live long enough to enjoy all the other works you are still to release!


(North Haven, USA). August 17, 2010.
I received my copy of your the new Anna Bolena yesterday. Since the EMI release of this performance is a complete disaster and that is the version that many collectors have purchased your release of this new version is of great importance. Not having the EMI for comparison, I immediately compared it with my copy of the Melodram CD release from 1987. Your edition possesses a certain indescribable clarity as opposed to the slightly more diffuse sound of the Melodram version. As a result many details are heard much more clearly in the Divina incarnation... Even the applause seems more realistic as one can almost hear individual handclaps as opposed to a more muddled presentation via the Melodram release. However, the most important difference concerns the pitch of your Divina version which plays at a slightly higher level. As a result the Callas voice sounds much steadier and more in focus, if a bit brighter and leaner... and consequently more in tune with how the voice sounds on other more or less contemporaneous recordings. The same can be said for how Simionato's voice presents itself as well. Furthermore, Gavazenni's tempi have a bit more thrust to them... and this is quite evident in the the cabaletta to Percy's aria and the Stretta to the Act One finale.... not to mention that of Act Two as well. 
My God... what a wonderful collection of photographs at the data track on the first CD! This has always been my favorite of the Visconti productions featuring Callas and to be able to revel in all the details is indeed quite incredible... That alone is worth the price of admission!!!
So again thank you for a job well done... 


(Santa Fe, USA). August 13, 2010.
I LOVED the Bolena. You are totally amazing!


(Madrid, Spain). August 13, 2010.
Esta mañana me llegó la Anna Bolena. El sonido es fabuloso y el material multimedia tiene muy buena pinta (todavía no vi todas las fotos). ¡Enhorabuena por el trabajo que has hecho!


(Amsterdam, Netherlands). August 11, 2010.
Many, many thanks for your CD sending of Anna Bolena and Norma [DVN-17] with super sound! And unbelievable so many beautifull Bolena fotographs I have never seen before.


(Sydney, Australia). August 10, 2010.
Just wanted to add my sincere thanks and appreciation for the new release of Callas in Anna Bolena. It was truly an historic night in her career and this release of the performance captures that so vividly. It's easy to feel as tho one were actually present on the night. The sound quality is so vivid and natural and Callas is in such stupendous form that the results are truly magnificent. And, the enhanced features including all the wonderful photos add so much to this set. Thank you so much for releasing such a fabulous set capturing a very special evening. Your time, energy and devotion are very much appreciated by me and I'm sure all true admirers of La Divina.


(London, United Kingdom). August 8, 2010.
Thank you so much for the Bolena - sound is wonderful and the photos are superb - even some of the mad scene which I ve never seen before and did not think existed.


(La Cadière d'Azur, France). August 8, 2010.
Anna Bolena: Avoir autant de photos, une partition simple et complète et un son unique m’ont permis de revivre le 14 avril 1957, à La Scala de Milan. La première fois, en découvrant toutes ces photos et ce son, j’ai pleuré énormément pour un plaisir inimitable. Mais je serais à tout jamais émerveillé par la qualité unique de vos enregistrements.
MERCI, MERCI à vous tous et à tout jamais.


(Mandello del Lario, Italy). August 7, 2010.
Ieri è arrivata Bolena, grazie!
Hai fatto un bellissimo lavoro, complimenti! E l'audio è ottimo, quelli della EMI dovrebbero imparare!


(Philadelphia, USA). August 7, 2010.
The BOLENA arrived yesterday. As a lifelong devoted deciple of the art of Maria Callas I must say congratulations and a sincere thank you for this marvelous release. You really presented the performance and all of the enhanced features with a devotion and dedication to Callas that is unique. No other publisher in the world is issuing Callas or anyone else with the love and devotion and high level of excellence and perfection that is DIVINA RECORDS.
The photographs of the production and the artists absolutely overwhelmed me. I spent over an hour last night looking at them. The vast majority are photos I have never ever seen before. What a thrill to relive that performance again in such a beautifully realized presentation. You are to be commended for an extraordinary achievement.
Again as a lover of the voice and art of Maria Callas I thank you.


(Manchester, United Kingdon). August 7, 2010.
My package arrived safely, and I must say that the Bolena is magnificent - vivid and thrilling. Many thanks.


(Sydney, Australia). August 7, 2010.
Anna Bolena: This obviously has been a labour of love, because here, I believe you have produced some of your very finest work. I've not finished it all yet, because quite apart from the performance, there is so much else to soak up and enjoy.


(Meerbusch, Germany). August 4, 2010.
Anna Bolena is arrived and it´s all pleasure.


(Dahme, Germany). August 4, 2010.
Today I received the Anna Bolena CDs. First impression: wonderful!


(Berlin, Germany). August 3, 2010.
Anna Bolena: One word, MAGNIFICENT, no more comments


(Zürich, Switzerland). April 14, 2010.
Your DVD [DVN-DVD1] has arrived today - quite quick to Switzerland! Many thanks - and it started to play jsut now... wonderful!


(Athens, Greece). December 15, 2009.
We've just received the beautiful DVD with the amazing masterclasses of La Callas! It works fine and it's beautiful!!!! Thank you so much! Keep doing good job! We miss her enormously!


(Ionannina, Greece). December 2, 2009.
I received La sonnambula [DVN-6] and it is a pleasure to listen to - splendid sound quality and at times one forgets that this is a live performance, not a studio recording. Great job! I am looking forward to your next releases.


(New South Wales, Australia). November 20, 2009.
I have been listening to this recording [DVN-6] for a week now, and can only thank you a thousands time for making it available. It is a truly remarkable performance, and you are to be profusely thanked for making it available to the many admirers of Maria Callas. I had only read about these performances for many years, and it is so interesting, no, it's wonderful, to know that our Divina was not voiceless, still less was her voice voice 'threadbare' during these performances. I thank you from the bottom of a very full heart for your work and your tremendous commitment on behalf of the true admirers of Maria Callas across the wide globe who are united by your very fine ongoing work. What should we do without you? Thankfully we don't have to. Great good fortune always.


(Aasiaat, Greenland). September 24, 2009.
I have only listned to La Sonnambula once [DVN-6], but in my upcomming week-end, I will certainly listen to it again-and again. My first impression is, that it was absolutely worth waiting for (I have waited years for it!). And I am also very interested in the enhancement! I am not an expert, but I think your DIVINA RECORDS will again get very, very positive reviews!!


(Toronto, Canada). August 13, 2009.
I received my order of DVN-16 & 17 today.  I am very much satisfied with the CDs' quality, both in terms of sound quality and presentation; the enhanced feature is a delight.  It is quite clear that an exuberant amount of effort was put into preserving/enhancing artistic integrity.  I look forward to ordering more in the very near future!


(North Haven, USA). May 19, 2009.
Regarding your recent re-release of La Sonnambula (DVN-6), needles to say you have once again done a superb job at restoring this treasure… a significant improvement over your previous version.  Everything sounds much clearer and cleaner.


(New York, USA). April 29, 2009.
I am thoroughly happy with the audio quality of "Armida" and find it such a major improvement over my Melodram set. Callas' voice comes through with such clarity & force and I feel like I'm listening to the performance for the first time.


Philippe Colombani (La Teste de Buch, France). April 12, 2009.
Cher Monsieur Berruti,
J'ai bien reçu le nouveau CD de La Sonnambula DVN~6 (Edimbourg, 26 août 1957). C'est merveilleux! Je vous félicite à nouveau pour la qualité de cette réalisation: photographies, vidéo, articles... Sans parler du texte de présentation, signé de l'excellent Milan Petkovic, d'une rare pertinence.


(Snoqualmie, USA). November 1, 2008.
The DVD [DVN-DVD1] arrived, and I cannot thank you enough for compiling these precious clips, which lend such insight into the whole saga of Maria and her magic.
I am so thankful for your labor of love, Pablo. Your products have made an indelible impression on my life, and I hope to be buying more of them in the future.


(Maastricht, The Netherlands). September 4, 2008.
I recieved the CD [DVN-5], and already listened it. I am impressed by the quality, hope you keep doing so!
I soon will order a new Callas cd, the Rossini Armida, dvn~16!


(Western Cape, South Africa). August 13, 2008.
Just a note to let you know that the CD [DVN-1] arrived safely. Thank you for releasing this rare material with the accompanying pictures and documents.
I look forward to acquiring more of your releases.


(Farmington Hills, USA). July 26, 2008.
I recieved the DVD of Maria Callas' Julliard master classes today. Thank you for sending it so quickly. The information presented in this product is very helpful, wonderfully organized, and easy to navigate.
Thank you again, and may God bless you.


(Olivedale, South Africa). July 22, 2008.
I'm really so thrilled to have the cds [DVN-16 and 17] and the sound is just incredible.
I have not stopped playing Armida since it arrived, and it is perfect, beyond words - again, thank you for producing such incomparable recordings. It's really such a pleasure to deal with you, and I appreciate all you have done to produce these masterworks of our beloved Maria. If you are ever in contact with Dr Seletsky, would you please tell him that all his articles have been an incredible inspiration to me, they are really my Callas bible.  I am waiting impatiently for your release of the other cds mentioned on your site!!!


(New South Wales, Australia). July 4, 2008.
The discs [DVN-12, 16 and 17] arrived today. Thank you. I shall spent the weekend listening to these beautiful recordings. What can one say to you for your wonderful work? A deeply heartfelt 'thank you' must suffice.


(Ontario, Canada). April 29, 2008.
I just wanted to say that I received my copy of the scala norma... I am thrilled and impressed w/ it! I have put in an order for armida and cannot wait for the rest of your catalogue to become available again!


Saskia Sibille (Montevideo, Uruguay). April 25, 2008.
I recieved the DVN-DVD2 yesterday afternoon and it arrived perfectly. These Masterclasses shows us the depth Callas felt in every role and how she perfectly understood the art of interpretation and comprehension of the libretto.
Mr. Berruti, thank you so much for this work and for sharing ir with us opera lovers. Please keep surprising us with new things.


(London, England). February 14, 2008.
Thank you. My CDs [DVN-17] arrived today. I could not be more pleased. Presentation cannot be faulted and the sound is much improved on the Arkadia issue that I already owned, even though that was better than most. I really hope that this venture works for you. I have already stated my preference for the Covent Garden Traviata as your next release, but, with results as good as this, might I suggest that you also look at those that EMI have already released (the Berlin Lucia, Macbeth, etc). With results as good as this, you must surely improve on what's already available.


Mike Richter, Operal-L post (Los Angeles, USA). February 14, 2008.
Pablo Beruti of Divina Records kindly sent me a copy of his DVD, "Maria Callas - The Complete Master Classes". As the publisher of the two CD-ROM versions (student and scholar), I was intrigued at the prospect of the forty-three hours of audio to the new medium. Needless to say, Divina's product is of very high quality.
Briefly, the DVD has several features missing from the CD-ROM. There is a minute and a half of color film; a few precious photographs; a text overview by Milan Petkovic; and a text memoire of John Ardoin by Raymond Horneman. Though silent, each of these features is welcome.
Before addressing the audio properties, let me note that the class sessions are well indexed. Indeed, those familiar with the CD-ROM will  see the same structures, hardly surprising since they are the three sets logic dictates: by class, by student, and by composer/title.
The sound quality of the DVD is superior to that of the CD-ROMs in reproducing the music. That is easily heard in comparison with the scholar disc which, like the DVD, is a 'straight' transfer from the tapes. The losses are slight and irrelevant to the class functions. That  is, the sonority of the accompaniment and the tonal beauty of the singing are only incidental to the point of the classes.
However, another difference between the DVD and the more common student  CD-ROM is marked and should be taken into account. Sound on the student CD-ROM was carefully altered to maximize audibility of the discussion, where often Callas or the student was 'off-mike'. The result is less faithful to the reality in the hall, but should be more useful in understanding the lessons. To study a lesson on the DVD or on the scholar CD-ROM, one must be adept with the volume control and prepared to burrow beneath ambient noise.
One other factor should be taken into account in choosing between the two formats - the obvious one that the DVD is intended to be played to a television monitor, the CD-ROM to one on a computer. I'd not happily be without either format.


(Berkeley, USA). February 2, 2008.
I like the CD [ DVN-4] very much. I was especially moved by the Athens interview--first time I've heard her speaking more than just a few words in Greek. She speaks a quite fluent demotic Greek with a slight inflection of an American accent (and one big Italian "r". She begins the interview by rather gently admonishing the press about not being concerned with superficial things like what dress she's wearing, if she's cut her hair, or if she wears glasses or not (she quickly adds that she does wear glasses) but instead, to be concerned and focus on what is serious. Her sense of kinship with her countrymen is touching as she is exhorting and coaching them to be dignified. She also spells out Poliuto for them so that they get it right.  This is the only interview I've heard where she seemed to have the upper hand.
I also very much enjoyed the reviews from the London press these critics seemed fair, appreciative and very clearly recognized her singularity.
There are many wonderful things on the CD--I've only listened to it twice and it bears repeated listening.
Thanks for your dedicated work.


(Merine di Lizzanello, Italy). January 22, 2008.
Ho ricevuto quanto ordinato e specialmente il dvd delle masterclass è fatto veramente bene. Complimenti ancora.


(Oblast, Russia). December 23, 2007.
I'm so happy to get DVD "Maria CALLAS - The Complete Master Classes, Juilliard School of Music" especially because it came day before the Christmas! 
I'm just started to listen the divine sound of saved Voice of the Legend and amazed how kind she was giving her greatest knowledge to the students.
Such Callas Legacy as Juilliard Lessons have not any price in it's meaning for the development of the opera art as one of the highest result of mankind culture and I'm very proud to have a digital copy of it. 
With best wishes and expectations of other discovering of Callas treasures,


(Manchester, England). December 22, 2007.
Arrived safely this afternoon and I have played Class 1: 11 October 1971. I am looking forward to hearing all of the Master Classes in good sound for the first time. I bought some tapes in an Auction but the sound qualify made them virtually useless as the sound quality is so quiet.


(St. Louis, USA). December 16, 2007.
I got the DVD of the master classes.  It's EXCELLENT!!!


(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). December 14, 2007.
I have just browsed around your MAGNIFICENT new Callas dvd with the masterclasses.
At each of your releases I wonder how great it would be if all Callas items were made with the taste and accuracy as yours! Can´t wait for your future releases...


(Santa Clarita, USA). December 11, 2007.
The order arrived today [DVN-DVD2] and again I am blown away at the quality and content. Thanks again and I cannot wait for the next releases!!


(Frankfurt, Germany). November 2, 2007.
The CDs arrived in the meantime in Frankfurt. I did listen to the Norma and must say, it is really a great improvement compared to other versions. In my opinion it is the best existing performance Callas made with this opera and I am very happy to have thanks to your excellent work.


(Snoqualmie, USA). October 10, 2007.
I received your shipment of Rossini's "Armida" last week, and I am already listening to it for the second time.  I can just imagine what you had to work with to produce these CDs, but you have done wonders. Due to the quality of your restoration and remastering, Maria's incredible vocal acting and Serafin's exquisite conducting, I am deriving listening enjoyment from the CDs that is way out of proportion to the quality of the original recording, and entirely contrary to my expectations. Anyone who is seriously interested in what Maria Callas really was MUST have this recording.  Your production is a labor of love and devotion, and infinitely appreciated in these quarters.  How soon are you going to tackle "La Vestale" and "I Vespri Siciliani?"  I can hardly wait!  Please keep the miracles coming!


(Santa Clarita, USA). August 21, 2007.
I received the cd's [DVNs 1, 2, 3, 4, 16 and 17] and DVD [DVN-DVD1] today, and again I am so very pleased with the outstanding quality and bonus material that you have offered. I just want to thank you for all of your help in completing my order, and for producing these wonderful documents of Maria Callas' career that we are so very fortunate to have! Thank you again and I will definitely be on the look out for your new releases! Thanks again and have a nice evening.


(Ann Arbor, USA). August 12, 2007.
Listening to the Divina CDs of the restored ARMIDA by Rossini, I'm amazed at Callas's singing. Though this was her only Rossini opera seria role and she learned it in 5 days, she defines the essence of how this composer should be sung.  I can only gather that Callas's musical instincts was so pronounced that she knew instinctively, by simply looking at the page, how it all should go.


(Mission, USA). April 19, 2007.
I received my cd's and DVD a while ago, and I've been listening to this wonderful material.
I just want to thank you for your excellent job in getting the best sound on these recordings of Maria Callas, and also in providing us all the information about articles and programs. I'm looking forward the release of the new material


(Perm, Russia). April 6, 2007.
The quality of the image and sound on DVD with the firsy London concert is stupendous and beyond any comparison - the crystal clear image, the vibe of the live appearance - everything is there - I can only express how thankful I am  to you for your enormously careful job with so much respect to every bit of Callas legacy and giving us, fans, th opportunity to get in contact with the Great in the greatest possible quality - the same refers to the Cds. I lnly wish there were more, more of the catalogue could be available soon, best luck with your projects.
Thank you again and I'm hoping for future releases from Argentina.


(Glenwood, Australia). March 3, 2007.
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Norma CD’s that I ordered from you today. Thank you so much. I have enjoyed everything about the CD’s. The sound quality is excellent and very vivid. I felt like I was there on that historic night!  I also think the packaging and liner notes is first rate with many photographs from the production that I had not seen before. The liner notes are also very informative.  And, the enhanced features on the second CD are fabulous. Thanks again and please keep up the good work. I look forward to ordering further CD’s from you in the near future.


(Battlefield, USA). December 11, 2006.
Very impressed with the production values, the notes, the packaging. Indeed, this is the cleanest-sounding transfer of this recording I've heard.
I have a good LP pressing of the '55 Scala "Norma", but yours is still brighter-sounding and with more impact. My only other version on CD is the Gala, and it's just plain awful.


(Plüderhausen, Germany). December 8, 2006.
CD [DVN-3] and DVD [DVN-DVD1] are excellent - particularly the film-material on the DVD. I am very happy.


(Toronto, Canada). December 2, 2006.
The Armida CD has arrived yesterday. It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you very much.


(København Ø, Denmark). November 13, 2006.
I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my cd's at the post office today, and they are absolutely wonderful :-)
I am looking forward to buying more of your products :-)

Thanassis Evaggelou (Athens, Greece). June 7, 2006.
I received the DVD and both Armida and Norma CDs yesterday. Thank you so much! The DVD is just INDISPENSABLE to every MARIA's fan! In the london concert the sound and colour are excellent and it is actually the first time we see MARIA's reactions to a partner: AMAZING!! The Norma CD is excellent. Not only the crystal clear sound but also the accompanying photos and the video clip of the finale! Armida sounds much much better than all the versions I had. Unique performances of a fascinating artist. Thank you for all and keep up with the good job!


(Chambery, France). May 19, 2006.
I have received the DVD yesterday, I thank you very much. I want to tell you how the DVD is marvellous, to see callas to 1952 to 1975 it s very plaesant to see unedits documents. Thank you and viva the second DVD of this collection I hope rapidely.


(IJmuiden, Nederlands). May 18, 2006.
Many thanks for the quick sending of the Callas CD, The Unknown Recordings vol. 1. I received the CD today. I like it, it is a very interesting CD, more a beautifull document.


(Budapest, Hungary). May 17, 2006.
GREAT DVD [DVN-DVD1] and CD [DVN-1]! I can hardly wait to get any new DVDs with her.


(Thessaloniki, Greece). May 4, 2006.
The Callas Rarities Video is absolutely WONDERFUL. Thank you very much!! I'm looking forward for the next volumes. I would appreciate if you could inform me, by e-mail, about every new issue of Divina Records.


(Tokyo,Japan). April 27, 2006.
Thank you for your prompt arrangent as always! I have never heard the Scala NORMA resound so richly thus far. Even the prestigious Limited Edition LP cannot compare with your version.
The DVD has also excellent picture quality for the aged contents.


(Guidonia, Italy). April 27, 2006.
I write you especially to congratulate for the wonderful work that you carry to honour OUR wonderful Maria.
I bought the first dvd Maria Callas - Video Rarities Collection, and I wait for the next ones with longing. I love Maria! And so I thank you very much sincerely!


(Tokyo, Japan). April 27, 2006.
I have never heard the Scala NORMA resound so richly thus far. Even the prestigious Limited Edition LP cannot compare with your version.


(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). April 25, 2006.
I have received your first Callas DVD and I must say you always surprises Callas fans! Besides all the wonderful CDs you have edited, your first-class accuracy now goes to Callas videos. This is by far the best Callas compilation of images ever (picture + sound + research). All perfect and very well organized. Top class for devoted Callas fans ! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Oxford, London). April 25, 2006.
This is just to say that the DVD of Callas video rarities has arrived safely. I'm very pleased with it indeed! Congratulations on such a fine product.


(Dresden, Germany). April 22, 2006.
The CDs arrived yesterday. What fabulous material!! I didn't have the opportunity yet to hear - and see - it all, but I'm impressed by the little I did! Now, after 20 years of searching and collecting, I have every line recorded of Maria Callas.


(Buenos Aires, Argentina). April 19, 2006.
Estimados amigos: ayer adquirí el DVD y después de verlo no puedo más que felicitarlos por la calidad del producto. Nos presentan un marco más que cuidado para disfrutar del arte de la Divina y nos dejan ansiosos, esperando la pronta aparición de los volúmenes siguientes.


(Mandello del Lario, Italy). April 15, 2006.
Sono arrivati i DVD. Grazie!! Il risultato finale mi sembra molto buono, e direi che i fans della Maria troveranno un po' di cosette finalmente vedibili in modo umano! E alcune, come mar de la Plata che altrimenti non avrebbero mai visto. Milan Petkovic ha fatto un buon lavoro con la traduzione della Ossenska. Grazie ancora


(Driehius, Netherlands). April 14, 2006.
I like the Callas-DVD very much. It must have been quite a lot of work to collect and arrange all these pieces! Touching is the last interview, in 1975, when you realise that two years later...
The singing in the London farewell concert is not se good, everybody agrees about that, but what an actress!!
I am looking forward to the next Callas-DVD!


(Holsbeek, Belgium). April 13, 2006.
I find your DVD wonderfull. Such fine items. The Vier Jahreszeiten interview, unbelievable Maria Callas, the most exciting women of the 20th century. She is so fascinating in the London Concert. And the picture and soundqualitie is so much bette than what I have. And everything is done so professionally, much better than EMI. And the short texts of Milan Petkovic are so well done.


(Athens, Greece). April 10, 2006.
The DVD just arrived! Thank you very much, i will enjoy it :)
It is a very fine job judging from the cover, booklet, dvd print... thank you again!


(Baarn, Netherlands). April 7, 2006.
I was now able to watch your DVD. Congratulations on the result!
Wonderful. Some new items for me (Armida, Edinburgh, Mittler, Mar del Plata, etc.). A very beautiful presentation: cover, menu. This is just what the 'fans' want to have in addition to the normal commercial DVDs.


(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). March 30, 2006.
O DVD chegou anteontem. Esperei assistí-lo antes de escrever-te. E só posso dizer que o seu trabalho é absolutamente fabuloso. Priceless!!!!!!!!!!
Muitos parabéns pela empreitada e que este DVD seja apenas o primeiro de uma longa série. Sucesso!.


(Madrid, Spain). March 29, 2006.
Acabo de recibir el DVD de nuestra Maria. No se qué decir, me ha hecho lka person amás feliz del mundo. El trabajo que ha hecho es fabuloso, casi todo es inédito.


(London, UK). March 28, 2006.
Thank you for much for the DVD which arrived today. I watched it, the London concert made me cry, but it is very nice to see Maria in colour. The German interview was very interesting as I have never seen it before.


(Essex, UK). March 21, 2006.
DVD arrived today. Much improved version of the 73 London concert. Many thanks for all your hard work.


(New York, USA). October 27, 2005.
The Scala 55 Norma is really a stupendous achievement. The un-gimicked clarity, and the steadiness of the correct pitches makes your edition a revelation for the longtime Callas fan. Thank you for all you are doing.


(Ioannina, USA). October 25, 2005.
DIVINA's Norma: I listened and marveled... For the issue offers indeed "the clearest and most articulate sound ever" (M. Petkovic). It is surprising how distinct the voices come across and how the issue vividly renders the atmosphere and ambiente of this great performance. Congratulations!


(Vilnius, Lithuania). October 20, 2005.
I thank you very much for wonderful CDs with Maria Callas [DVN-1 and DVN-4]. It's great pleasure to listem them. Quality is good. The one of the best in these CD is 1935 & 1977 recordings and of course Maria singing with poodle.
Best regards


(Alameda, USA). September 3, 2005.
The Norma arrived on Thursday, September 1. You have done a wonderful job with the sound quality.


Opera-L post. August 18, 2005.
It's worth noting that the 1955 Norma performance can be obtained in very good sound from Divina Records. There are sound clips on this site with comparisons to other reissues ofthis performance. I am not affiliate with Divina Records, just a happy customer.


Opera-L post. August 17, 2005.
If you want the La Scala 1955 Norma, possibly her best, get the version put out by Divina records. They are worth every penny, correctly pitched and with all the proper information e.g the first 15 minutes of that performance was not recorded and other editions replace the missing piece with some other uncredited perormance. Divina does as well but correctly credits the part that is inserted. Divina also has a lot of other info on its enhanced CD.


(Baton Rouge, USA). August 7, 2005.
I received the Armida and Norma yesterday! The sound is superb and the booklet is equally fine. A quality product.
Thank you so much.


Thomas Badie (Toulouse, France). August 3, 2005.
J'ai reçu il y a quelques semaines les enregistrements DVN-1 et DVN-4 que je vous avais commandé et je tiens à vous transmettre mes plus sincères félicitations.
Votre collection comble tout à fait mes attentes en tant que "fan" de Maria Callas. J'ai découvert cette artiste extraordinaire il y a un peu plus d'une dizaine d'années alors que j'étais un jeune adolescent, et sa voix m'a tout de suite ému. Je me suis procuré, à très peu de choses près, tous les disques que j'ai pu trouver dans le commerce, et c'est par hasard que j'ai découvert le site de Divina Records, alors que je désespérais un peu de trouver des enregistrements rares et aussi les exceptionnels documents vidéos (qui existent, même s'ils sont morcelés et bien brefs). Vos disques allient à merveille une présentation soignée mais sobre et une grande richesse de documentation (photographies de très grande qualité, documents annexes et extraits vidéos...)
Les efforts effectues par votre équipe pour rendre votre produit différent de tout ce que l'on peut trouver ailleurs sont palpables. Et puis je me dois de vous féliciter pour la qualité que vous apportez dans la restitution sonore de ces documents, qui sont tout de même des "live", enregistrés de manière parfois très rudimentaire, mais les bandes originales que vous utilisez sont vraiment d'une toute première qualité !
Alors avec tout cela, je tenais à vous dire un grand merci et vous encourager encore et encore pour que vous continuiez dans votre production.
Voilà, grâce à ces deux disques, je dispose maintenant de nombreuses vraies raretés d'enregistrements de Maria Callas et j'en suis bien content.
Merci encore pour votre travail, et Bravo.


(Oslo, Norway). June 16, 2005.
I've just recieved Norma from La Scala with Callas. Compared to other Norma's this one is unique. The hole part is one piece. And it profits from a very strong cast. The sound is a relevation, i've never experienced such a clear sound. Most restorations from callas live-performances have a "greyish" sound, but this one realy has a sonic depth within it, which is great.
The written material plus pictures gives a very good overwiev over the production.
Thank you very much!


(Paris, France). April 15, 2005.
I have received your CD right now. It is just incredible ! I am discovering this Norma ! It's like the Armida. It's an evening I really well known and it's quite amazing to listen to it in such quality!
Thank you so much for your incredible work for the sound and for all the many photographs that I discover too for a lot of part.
Thank you so much again for the videos, it's always a great emotion to see Maria Callas and to see her singing few seconds at the end of Norma.


Davide Gambino (Genova, Italy). April 12, 2005.
Je viens d'écouter intégralement l'Armide publiée par Divina Records et j'en sors tout bonnement abasourdi. Je connaissais, et chérissais, cette version de l'ouvre depuis toujours, mais cette édition au son restauré me fait l'effet d'un rideau s'ouvrant sur un mystère auparavant impénétrable ; disparu le son opaque et distordu qui gâchait l'écoute des vieux transferts sur 33 tours et CD (Cetra, Melodram.) ! La bande passante, le souffle, les bruits de fond et de surface ont ici augmenté, mais c'est au profit d'une présence, d'une profondeur d'espace et d'une amplitude du spectre absolument inouïes ! La voix de Callas en ressort parfaitement reconnaissable dans toutes ses nuances et ses effets dynamiques. L'orchestre lui-même jouit d'un son plus brillant et précis (cf. l'Ouverture !), et les applaudissements, encore, sont d'une telle présence qu'on se croirait dans la salle !. Un merveilleux travail de transfert, donc, mais pas seulement ; l'aspect soigné, la propriété de la notice, écrite par M. Petkovic, la haute qualité des images incluses : tout s'ajoute au plaisir du mélomane averti et du « callassolâtre » persévérant. A saisir sans hésiter, étant donné le prix plus que raisonnable et la relative brièveté du délai de livraison. Merci encore M. Berruti : vous rendez là le meilleur hommage à l'une des artistes-clef du XX siècle, et c'est à travers son Art, par le biais de sa voix sans égal que vous le faites.


(Québec, Canada). March 31, 2005.
I received both cd's last friday. Thanks for the fast mailing. Years ago, I bought DVN-1 that was very good and DVN-12 who was excellent. Now DVN-4 is very good and DVN-17 is exceptionnel.
Thanks again for your excellent product and i look forward to buy some more CD's.

(New York, USA). March 22, 2005.
I am amazed at the quality of the sound [Scala Norma]. Congratulations on the fine work you have done. I am also enjoying the many photos and especially the video clips on the CD Rom. This recording has a very special meaning for me, because I was in Milan in January of 1956, and had the good fortune to see this cast at the January 5th performance. Thanks to the exceptional sound and the many accompanying documents, I am reliving the experience.

(North Richland Hills, USA). March 3, 2005.
The 1955 Norma sounds absolutely fantastic! Really anxious to see all the media files.


(Grand Rapids, USA). October 8, 2004.
I just received my copy of the 1955 Norma yesterday and I must say, that was one fabulous piece of work! Norma is one of my favorite bel canto operas, and no other live recording pleased me more than the one you had so wonderfully remastered. That was simply amazing! Maria's Norma has never been more beautiful. Congratulations for your work and I'm looking forward to purchasing your Ifigenia and La Sonnambula!


Matthew Brancati (North Haven, USA). September 9, 2004.
I just received NORMA (DVN-17). What a revelation! The amazing colorations in Callas voice come through as never before! Such was the improvement in clarity and impact, that hearing Callas sing the words Sediziose Voce at her entrance sent a chill through my body. Even the orchestral portions posses a crispness and lucidity that I never experienced when listening to this performance in the past. This has always been my favorite Callas NORMA. However, listening to it in your new transfer I actually felt as though I was experiencing a new Callas discovery, such was the improvement over all the other (at least four) versions of this performance I have owned over the years. Many thanks for a superlative job, the care and attention to detail that characterize your work are indeed greatly appreciated


Antonie Ramos (Paris, France). July 19, 2004.
Je viens de recevoir l'exemplaire de la Norma de la Scala 1955 avec CALLAS, c'est un document vraiment exceptionnel, CALLAS au meilleur de sa forme et quelle interpretation sans oublier le reste de la distributioon vraiment un enregistrement à ne pas manquer. Bravo à DIVINA RECORDS que comme d'habitude nous offre des enregistrements de bonne qualité et en plus ce sont des documents que tout amateur d'Opéra et en particulier de CALLAS se doit de possèder.
Merci encore et BRAVO.


(Pisa, Italy). July 8, 2004.
La Norma Scala 1955 e' una bellissima registrazione, e l'edizione da voi curata è splendida sotto ogni punto di vista, compreso naturalmente l'apparato iconografico e filmografico così ricco e abbondante.


(Buckinghamshire, UK). July 5, 2004.
The set is fantastic and I particularly like the way in which the missing musical numbers have been filled in and accredited. The sound quality for the whole recording is very good. [DVN-17]


(Saudi Arabia). July 2, 2004.
Am so thrilled with everything and I must say again how thankful I am for your authenticity and thoroughness in documenting the data. I am also thrilled with the many photographs and theatre programmes and reviews. Of all the Divina issues the one I treasure the most is the La Scala Norma December 7th 1955. I have had this for many years - first on Hunt LP then on Hunt CD, but your version is far superior.


(Rurutu, French Polynesia). July 1, 2004.
C'est l'occasion pour moi de vous féliciter pour la qualité de votre travail; je suis particulièrement enthousiasmé par la Norma milanaise et les documents (plus de 100 photos rarissimes) qui l'accompagnent. J'attends vos prochaines publications avec impatience!!!


(Alghero, Italy). June 28, 2004.
I'm glad to communicate that at last Callas Norma [DVN-17] is here and the sound is really greatly improved from the Arkadia recording I already had. Magnificent work.


(Athens, Grece). June 22, 2004.
I liked the videos and the sound is like listenning to a new discovered Norma [DVN-17]. I cant wait for the DVDs of la Divina!!!


(Muskegon, USA). June 22, 2004.
I am always thrilled to get your CD's because you do such an extraordinary job in transferring them and working to enhance the sound. [DVN-17]


(Desden, Germanyl). June 19, 2004.
Congratulation for this great release with a perfect transparent sound quality! [DVN-17]

(Lisbon, Portugal). June 18, 2004.
Beautiful sound in a wonderful Callas performance [DVN-17].

(Wakayama, Japan). June 11, 2004.
The norma 1955 was soooooo nice. I am very happy. I am long no more as happy as now, it was great!!! I thank you sooo much.


(Saudi Arabia). June 11, 2004.
I am so thrilled with the CDs [DVNs 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12 and 17] and very much appreciative of the care you have gone to in researching the background information in the booklets, adding reproductions of the actual programmes and finding such superb photographs. I do hope that you go on to publish all the live performance on your label


(Chicago, USA). June 10, 2004.
My compliments on your new release of the Norma of 7 December 1955 from La Scala. The sound quality is quite remarkable. I feel I am hearing this performance for the first time, even though I have two other issues.


(Lindenhurst, USA). June 9, 2004.
I finished listening to the Norma with Callas from La Scala [DVN-17]. Your transfer sounds like a studio recording. I am very pleased. The sound is so rich and clear. Callas gives me the impression that she gains in strength in every scene.


(Liverpool, UK). June 6, 2004.
Many thanks for the CD [DVN-17]. They are really wonderful!! I am more than pleased.


(Philadelphia, USA). June 5, 2004.
I want to say BRAVO for the wonderful work you did to see this to fruition [DVN-17]. The sound is stunning and I thank you so much. I love the videos! You have done a wonderful service to those of us who adore this woman.


(Essex, UK). June 5, 2004.
What a wonderful issue! [DVN-17] The sound is superb, all of the wonderful pictures and video and the article by Milan Petkovic about the performance is a work of art itself. Please keep up the wonderful work.


(Jamaica, USA). June 4, 2004.
DVN -17 is simply the best of Callas's Normas that I have heard. The transfer is so much better than I would have expected to be possible. Thank you for your restoration of this treasure.


(Haddonfield, USA). May 28, 2004.
I have started to order Callas Cds from you and the ones I have received are just wonderful!!!! Beautifully remastered with great documentation - finally justice is being done to the recorded legacy of this unique artist. Jay Kauffman


(Victoria, Australia). May 21, 2004.
I had another version of this set [DVN-16], and yours is much better sound quality.

(Saudi Arabia). May 17, 2004.
Thrilled to get it [DVN-4] - love the packaging and the booklet - and it was a delight to hear these items for the first time. Raritites like this are nectar, ambrosia and manna from Heaven for us Callas devotees.

(Thessaloniki, Greece). May 10, 2004.
I received today the cd's I ordered (The Unknown Recordings Vol.1 and 2). Both of them are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your excellent services. Congratulations for your efforts in memory of La Divina.

(Palmdale, USA). May 4, 2004.
Just wanted to let you know the Armida was even better than I had hoped. I have several other versions and yours is the best in every way, shape and form. Keep up the great work!


(San Francisco, USA). January 27, 2004.
This recording [DVN-12] represents a valuable historical document. Congratulations!


(Nijmegen, Netherlands). August 13, 2003.
Received the Armida and it is really amazing! Thank you so much.


(Pennington, USA). March 31, 2003.
I am really impressed with the superiority of your sound in the Ifigenia in Tauride to the EMI recording.


(Biella, Italy). March 5, 2003.
Thanks you so much for the CD. It is much better than I had expected. I already had a registration of that concert but it was not as good. The CD is truly amazing, incredibly perfect sound and video.


(Courbevoie, France). December 29, 2002.
Thank you very much for your incredible work again. I have never heard this recording [Armida] so well with a such sound really better than the other versions. Thank you too for the 12 minutes more. The very long part is important, it's a pity to have the strange voice of the speaker but it's not disturbing too much. Thank you again for the photos.


(Holsbeek, Belgium). December 27, 2002.
I received today your fine recording in CD of the complete ARMIDA. Congratutions. Also congratulations for the fine booklets. Really exemplary.


(Imperia, Italy). December 27, 2002.
Armida CD is really wonderful!


(North Haven, USA). November 27, 2002.
I must mention that the more I listen to your version of ARMIDA the more ‘correct’ it sounds!


(London, UK). November 25, 2002.
I recieved the ARMIDA on Saturday it is really superb especially the photos of the production. If you listen to the Mapleson Cylinders as I do the Armida sound is fine - yours being the best yet.


(North Haven, USA). November 24, 2002.
I received my copy of Rossini's ARMIDA several days ago. Regarding the sound quality of your version, it is certainly different from what I have been used to hearing since I first encountered this performance thirty years ago! (This is the fifth time I have purchased this performance over the years!). For it's greater presence and immediacy of sound (this is the first time I actually have heard the swords clashing in the Act One finale), as well as completeness your Divina version is indispensable. The accompanying essay, photos, and CD-ROM are further enhancements. Nonetheless, there is a greater degree of tape hiss, distortion, and other defects that are indeed annoying and distracting, but the improved detail is probably worth the trade off, as all previous versions sound dull in comparison.


(Flushing, USA). November 21, 2002.
Your wonderful ARMIDA has arrived. I have not had time to listen to the whole opera, but I am very pleased with what I have heard. You have done a magnificent job, but then you always do magnificent work. Bravo, amigo!


(San Francisco, USA). November 20, 2002.
Received my ARMIDA CD set today. Listened to the first disk. Loved it. Thank you for doing your work for all of us who love Callas!!


(Athens, Greece). November 20, 2002.
I received the cds a couple of days ago, thank you very much!
The sound of ARMIDA is much better than any other I have so far listened to, and the unreleased material is very interesting.


(Chicago, USA). November 19, 2002.
I just received the CDs. They are fabulous!


(Paris, France). November 19, 2002.
I wanted to let you know how happy I am to be able to listen to so much material, which is new to me, in spite of the already impressive collection of Callas recordings I have been gathering over the years. The experience of the "complete" Armida is quite thrilling. A feature I particularluy like in the enhanced CD of Amida is the reproduction of stage sets and costumes. I look forward to more Divina records!


(San Francisco, USA). November 15, 2002.
The Armida arrived yesterday. I must compliment you on the sound. I am mightily impressed at what you have done with the sound.


(West Sayville, USA). November 15, 2002.
I just received my order for the Divina release of "The Last Normas, Vol.2. I can confirm that the sound quality is a great improvement over the Gala release, and I highly recommend it.


(Lindenhurst, USA). November 13, 2002.
I listened to Armida and yours is the best transfer. Despite the low male voice intruding on the newly discovered extra 12 minutes does not bother me too much. It's just great having the performance complete for the first time. There are not enough words of course to describe Callas. Being familiar with this performance from the days I had it on LP, Callas still continues to fascinate. It is a timeless performance. Milan Petkovic's notes are wonderful including the rare photos.
I listened last night to the entire Ifigenia. Just to get a very clear feedback I listened to track #24 on the first disc 'O sventurata Ifigenia' my favorite selection of all through my headphones. It was incredible, better than I ever remember.


(Essex, United Kingdom). November 11, 2002.
The sound in the Armida has a little more hiss but it is a price worth paying for the much fuller sound of the voices. You a correct to include the sections cut from previous editions. The music is usually clear even with the male speaker. The pictures on the CD ROM are excellent. Keep up the good work.


(Berkshire, United Kingdom). August 22, 2002.
The CDs of Maria Callas doing Tosca was a joy to listen too.


(Bremen, Germany). July 7, 2002.
Thank you very much for the CD. The quality is surprisingly good for such old material.


(Modena, Italy). May 13, 2002.
Mr. Berruti, I've received your present (contest of April)!!! I'm really happy and I wish to continue to discover the rarities that you offer to all the Opera lovers. Thank you very much.


(Rome, Italy). February 28, 2002.
The CD [DVN-14] has just arrived today [...] The quality is so good, and the material so superior, if I may say so, from the EMI selection! The Ernani lesson is specially breathtaking! So many thanks for your initiative again!.


(Volta Mantovana, Italy). January 21, 2002.
I have received your nice CD. I have listened to it and it is very interesting. The recording quality is rather good considering it is a live recording dating back to 1958. And it is also a historic document which goes beyond music itself. Thank you very much.


(W. Yorkshire, UK). December 3, 2001.
Got the CDs today, they are fantastic, videos etc. are great, thanks.


(Houston, USA). November 21, 2001.
The CDs are wonderful. I have listened to most of them. I'll be ordering more in the future.
Keep up the good work and congratulate Milan Petkovic for me also.


(West Sayville, USA). October 10, 2001.
I received my order in the mail a few days ago. Thank you for the prompt service.
I haven't heard the Sonnambula yet, but was very impressed with the sound quality of the London recital. Even though, I've had a very good quality tape - and video of this for years, your recording far surpasses what I've heard previously.


(Courbevoie, France). June 16, 2001.
I have received your CD during my vacation and I wanted to thank you a lot for it.
Thank you too for the high quality of it with this great video of Norma in 57, few days before the big problem in Rome. It's so lucky to find again this kind of video!
The photos of London are beautiful. Thank you again for all your work.


(Yokohama, Japan). April 4, 2001.
On Wednesday, I have received your 4 Enhanced CDs for my order. They are all very interesting. I'm so excited to see their contents.
I'm looking forward to see your new series.


(London, UK). April 8, 2001.
Congratulations on the CDs I have recieved so far - both the rarities Discs. It is so good to see unusual photos of Callas, I am so fed up with having the same pictures printed over and over again.


(North Haven, USA). December 26, 2000.
I recently purchased DVN-3 (Norma Trieste 1953) and wish to commend you for a job well done. I had purchased the corresponding Melodram set when it was first released and returned it to the retailer after listening to it because I knew it was a fraud. In addition I own the Myto set of excerpts and was always troubled by the fact that the cuts and other variations in the tenor aria were too similar to the corresponding section of the Rome Walkout Norma of 1958. Your excellent notes on the Enhanced CD helped clarify this for me. For that I wish to thank you.


(Milan, Italy). December 1, 2000.
It's a wonderful recording. I'm very happy.I think to write next week an articles of la Divina and I will speak of Divina website.


(Deuil-La-Barre, France). October 26, 2000.
I just receive the cds which are OK, so there is no problem.

(Bremen, Germany). October 25, 2000.
The CD has arrived - the result is very impressiv - thank you very much for the moment.

(Ann Arbor, USA). September 21, 2000.
Your Norma recordings arrived yesterday - thank you so much! I was quite impressed with the Trieste recording, both in terms of the performance, and the technical capabilities in the CD.


Freeman Günter (NY, USA). September 12, 2000.
My latest Divina shipment arrived on Friday the 8th: perfect for my weekend listening pleasure. I am so pleased with your work! I love the CD enhanced with the pictures, etc. I am so enjoying this second Edinburgh performance.
Keep up the great, great work.
Freeman Günter - Managing Editor, Classical Singer Magazine


(Tokyo, Japan). September 10, 2000.
Hastily I browsed all of the CDs to confirm the compatibility with my CD player and PC computer (MS Windows 98 Second Edition update, Japanese version). I found there was no difficulty to read or play back all the files.
The format of the enhanced CDs is marvelous. I think it represents the state of the art of the personal computer technology.


(Ascoli Piceno, Italy). August 5, 2000.
I communicate to you that the CDs arrived past thursday, like you had previewed in your last email. In future I hope to make other purchases because I have understood that Divinarecords is a serious and professional company.


(Barre, USA). July 26, 2000.
The CDs arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you very much for making these performances available.


(Karsiyaka Izmir, Turkey). July 5, 2000.
Thank you very much for my cd Norma 1958 which I have safely received and enjoyed.


(New York, USA). June 6, 2000.
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent Teator Colon disc, which I listened to this morning. Sound is just amazing for paper tapes and when I heard the radio beeps, I thought something was wrong with my disc until I consulted your superb notes, which explained everything. You should be very proud of this disc, its wonderful, and I plan to buy every Divina disc that you have. I already have the Master Classes and the Unknown Recordings.
You've gotten some wonderful reviews in the Callas International Society magazine, well deserved.


(Coubervoie, France). April 18, 2000.
I was in a music megastore in Paris last friday, in the FNAC Montparnasse, and I was very surprised and pleased to see 2 of your CD's: the unknown recordings 1 and 2.
I wanted to thank you very much for the very good quality of your work for the photos, the programm and the videos. It's a great pleasure to have the Norma's recitative.
Thank you very much too for the other videos.


(Frederiksberg, Denmark). February 9, 2000.
I have now received the CD, that I won, and picked it up yesterday from the postoffice. It has a wonderful, authentic sound, and is really wonderful!!!
The booklet is also very, very good to read, and the picture of the young Callas is fantastic! and I really liked the radiocommentary (which you had fortunately translated!).


(Coral Springs, USA). December 22, 1999.
I have received your shipment. It arrived perfectly. Out of a simple "test" listening, I can say nothing less than "outstanding". Sound quality, presentation, references, everything it's great.


(San Francisco, USA). December 16, 1999.
I just received my copy of the Buenos Aires concert. It is superb. Thanks for all your efforts with that.


(Box Ford, USA). December 8, 1999.
I did receive DVN-2, 5, and 12 some months ago, though up to now, I've taken the opportunity to listen only to the Teatro Colon Recordings, which I have enjoyed immensely.


(Whitehall, USA). November 8, 1999.
My Callas records arrived two weeks ago and I am thrilled to have them. What a wonderful job you have done in producing them! And the sound is amazing -- nothing that I have can compare to your records. Thank you so much for the care and attention that you have given in making this music available in presentable form. As a diehard Callas fan, I am most appreciative!
I will be eagerly awaiting future releases.


(New York, USA). November 1, 1999.
Just wanted to compliment you on the excellent quality of the CDs that I received last week. I ordered Master Clases 1 and 2 and yesterday listened to the Anna Bolena and Traviata lessons. I had never heard them before. The sound is as good as the EMI official releases and the packaging is excellent.
I'll be ordering more from you soon.


(Dublin, Ireland). October 23, 1999.
I received DVN-4 very soon after your promise. Thank you very much.


(Wayland, USA). September 22, 1999.
I recieved the CD's and I can't thank you enough for providing us all with such exceptional product and service.


(Bakersfield, USA). August 23, 1999.
I have already received the order; the sound is terrific, packaging wonderful, it makes one hunger for more. I do hope you find the rest of that Colon concert.


(Stellenbosch, South Africa). August 8, 1999.
Many thanks for the disks, which I received safely today. I like the 1949 Norma excerpts and the Edinburgh Sonambula very much!
Thanks again for an excellent product - I will mention your disks on my weekly radio program here.


(Zürich, Swiss). August 12, 1999.
I just received the two CDs. What surprise, the "Norma-CD"! Many thanks!!!
I will order DVN 15 as soon as it is on the marchet.


John Ardoin (Dallas, USA). July 24, 1999.
The new Colon CD arrived today and is being devoured! What wonderfuls sound you have the Norma duet in. Oh if only we had the whole performance!


(London, UK). July 17, 1999.
The CD arrived and it is wonderful! I love the booklet and the wonderful photos!


(Zürich, Swiss). May 4, 1999.
Yesterday I received the CDs. You asked me for my opinion and I really can tell you that I am happy that Divina Records exist. I am happy of course to get unknown recordings from you. I hope you to publish soon more of them.


(Lisbon, Portugal). April 1, 1999.
I finally received your package. Congratulations for your excellent job. The presentation and the quality of the sound are first class.


John Ardoin (Dallas, USA). February 5, 1998.
The records arrived safely and I have enjoying them. Thank you so much. Please keep me advise of future issues.


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